Dale Menzies/Discipleship Pastor

Dale Menzies/Discipleship Pastor

dale menziesAbout Me

I am a pretty normal guy, but I love Jesus and spending time with people.  I have been a follower of Jesus for many decades, but he is still working on me!  My greatest treasure is my wife Debbie, to whom I’ve been miraculously married to since 1984.  We have 4 grown daughters, and they say “they haven’t fallen far from the tree”.  We are so blessed that they also love Jesus, and are also on a journey of being changed too.  We are still hoping for grandchildren.  I have been the Pastor of Worship and Care at Northlake for  16 ½ years, and just recently transitioned to the Pastor of Discipleship.  I am passionate about making disciples of Jesus Christ through relational environments.  I love to be in relationship with people; even my favorite activities are done with others if possible.  Sometimes Debbie calls me the ‘Extra-Sauce Man’, because of my viewpoint that you have to ask for extra sauce if you want it.  This thinking has helped us not to miss opportunities and deals in all areas of our family life.  For years I’ve been saying that I am going to write a book about how to get extra sauce.  But really, God has blessed us abundantly.

Where I am From

I really would say that I am from the Bothell/Mill Creek area.  This is home and we love it.  I was raised in Regina Saskatchewan Canada, and we have also lived in Orange County California and Vancouver British Columbia before coming to Seattle.  All of our family are both American and Canadian citizens, so I call us “Americanadians”.

Favorite Hobbies

Biking, skiing, gardening, home projects, worship music, musical theater, playing family games or having friends and family over to our house or backyard.  Things that I dislike are mowing the lawn and car repairs unless I can do it with someone along beside me.

Where I’d Like to Travel 

Thankfully, Debbie and I have been in many countries all over the world.  We love to travel and can’t get it out of our system.  Personally, I have been to 54 countries, 49 US States, and 7 of 10 Canadian Provinces.  Our favorite places to return to are Italy (and really anywhere in Europe), and Mexico of course.  But on the bucket list currently, Debbie and I would love to go to South America and Russia.

Favorite Food

I would probably have to say “Fine Food”, like Prime Steak with Blue Cheese Butter, or Sea Scallops with a Balsamic Reduction, but my friends know that I hang out at Chipotle a lot too, and I love anything Mexican.  I would also admit that I am seriously addicted to dark chocolate with nuts, tomatoes, peaches and pineapple, and coffee of course. To be honest, I really do love every kind of food, especially with ‘extra sauce’.


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