Cindy Toledo/ Office Manager

Cindy Toledo/ Office Manager

cindy toledoCindy Toledo/Office Manager

I am a passionate person about people and relationships.  I’ve been on staff at Northlake since May 2000.  Northlake has seen me thru many life changes and I’m so grateful for the church family here.  I’ve participated in Women’s Ministry, leading Life Groups, and I am currently very passionate about leading and encouraging widows as they learn how to lean into life, build resilience, and go out to make a positive difference in the world.  As we say in the widow world, my “chapter two” came into my life and we married in April 2015.  Robert is an amazing, fun and supportive man who brings joy to my life.  I am also amazingly blessed to have two beautiful grown daughters, with whom I love spending time with. We will be blessed this year to become grandparents of a little boy who will be born soon!  I'm sure that will add a whole other element to our lives that we are really excited about.

Where I am From

I was born in Enterprise, OR but come from a military family and have lived in 8 states on both east and west coasts.  I came to Seattle in 1988 and now consider myself a native since I finally don’t notice when it has been raining for days!

Favorite Hobbies

If I had the time, I would say quilting, but since I put all of my time into my family and reaching out to widows.  I would have to say my hobby is people.

Where I’d Like to Travel 

I have always wanted to travel and my dream is coming true. In the last 4 years, I’ve been to Italy, Turkey, Dubai, Greece, South Africa and Kenya.  In Kenya we had the opportunity of a life time to build a mud house for a widow in one of the villages.  It was life changing and I would love to take a team of widows to build another house and minister to the widows.  We plan to go to Eastern Europe this year and are very excited about that.

Favorite Food

BBQ hands down!  Oh, and of course CHOCOLATE!


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