Carrie Bohot/ Administrative Assistant

Carrie Bohot/ Administrative Assistant

carrie bohotAbout Me

I moved to Washington in 1986 and have been part of Northlake since.  I starting volunteering right away wherever there was a need and then started to find what I loved, Kids!  I was hired in 2002 as part of the Children’s Ministry Team.  I can’t explain how honored I am that God would use me in these Children’s lives.  I love being goofy with them and being the crazy one and seeing God doing a work in their lives as well as he continues to do one in mine.  I married my husband Richard in 2012 and I love my Tall Guy!  Together we have 7 children – Jacob,  Amanda, Patrick, Samuel, Caleb, Madison and Owen. Watching our children marry and start having their own children is the coolest ever!  Our son Sam has 2 boys, Silas and Chandler, they are just the sweetest and so much fun!

Where I am From

I was born in El Paso Texas.  My dad was in the military so we moved around a lot.  In my early teens, I moved to Missouri with my family and lived there till I was 20.

Favorite Hobbies

I love date nights with my honey, spending time with my family and watching our kids play sports. I love to watch and cheer anything they do!  I love a great coffee shop and visiting with friends.  I love to sew and make old things look new.  My all-time favorite would be to cook or bake for my family and others. I love to create cupcakes that are crazy and taste yummy.

Where I’d Like to Travel 

I honestly love to go anywhere!  We visited Ireland recently, it was fun to see where parts of my family was from. I love Disneyland; the kid‘s rides are my favorite. Germany is on our list, my husband’s mother is from there. I love warm places with water so I’m always open to trying new places to go.

Favorite Food

Ever since I was a child, I have loved tacos and I still do! Mexican food is my favorite.   A close second is Thai food.  Oh, and I love coffee, if that is a food?


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