Online Giving

Click here to be taken to Realm, an external site we use for online giving.

Northlake strives to maintain the highest level of financial integrity in managing the offerings of all who give to the church.  For example:

  • We have established policies to ensure the secure handling and counting of weekly offerings.
  • We conduct reviews to ensure appropriate accounting controls are in place and operating as designed.
  • We prepare an annual budget for congregational approval.
  • We issue year-end giving statements in January of each year.  This will give you a record of your giving in case you need it for income tax purposes.

When people are beginning their giving journey at Northlake, they have questions about the various options for giving.  Here are a few of the various ways you can give:

  • Regular or special offerings at weekend worship (cash or check)
  • Mail your giving or drop it by the church office
  • Online Giving (one-time and/or recurring)
  • Use your bank's website to arrange for a check to be sent automatically to the church with your preferred timing (most banks off this service free of charge)
  • Non-cash assets (stock, property, businesses interests, etc)

Today, more people than ever are opting for online giving.  This option is easy and can be set up quickly within the REALM system by selecting the frequency option.  In order to maximize your giving and avoid significant processing fees, you can select "checking & savings" option which are free.